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Dry Transfers
Media costs and press production rooms in the modern era make no allowance for incorrectly prepared or delivered material. Experience and reliable transmission procedures guarantee our clients’ ad spend matches their expectations.
Other pre-press services include scanning, photography and page makeup.
Quickcut Ad Delivery
    Today’s fast-paced, technology driven advertising production environments demand accurate and reliable procedures for transmitting material to magazines and newspapers. In fact -- most publications today insist that material be delivered to them electronically to fit their production workflows.
    Visible Link subscribes to the world-wide Quickcut network which, through its innovative QuickPrint and Pagestore software not only delivers but flight-checks colour management, image flattening, page size and font issues ensuring trouble-free throughput and guaranteed results off the printing press.
   Ads are created using PostScript compatible page makeup programs such as Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign and transmitted electronically as press-ready PDF files that comply with PDF/X-1a or 3DAP requirements and meet each publication’s specifications along the way. If any parameters require adjustment changes are made automatically ensuring full compliance with publishers’ rules. And their constantly changing technical specifications are updated daily keeping us up to date.

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