Dry Transfers
Dry Transfers (or rubdowns) and Direct Imaging are suitable for one-offs or low volume image generation when there is no other economical
solution. Used by graphic designers, model-makers, props departments, packaging designers and test marketers. Rubdown Dry Transfers are
available in standard or metallic PMS colours in either matte or gloss as well as a variety of mirror foil colours. Rubdowns can be applied to any non-
porous or some porous surfaces, for example plastics, metal, glass, ceramics, acrylics, wood, concrete, leather, paper or cardboards etc. Images
must be solid colours and can be multi-colour which requires separated artwork. Please call or email for more information.
The Process
    Dry Transfers are produced by outputting your vector artwork to high resolution negative which is then used to contact print the image onto a
specially prepared carrier sheet.
   The carrier sheet is coated with your choice of Pantone® Solid Coated colour, white, black or process colour followed by an opaque backing ink
and then sensitized to accept the image. The prepared sheet is exposed to a UV light source, processed, dried and coated with an adhesive solution
that has been selected for its residue-free properties. Other colours available include a full range of fluoros and coloured foil inks. Rub-ups are
images in reverse direction which are to be viewed through a transparent object such as a lens, glass or perspex etc.
   Effects such as simulated spot varnishing, either gloss or matte can be created by substituting clear inks.
    The user applies the Dry Transfer to his job by positioning the image as required, rubbing with moderate pressure on the back of the carrier using
a suitable tool, then peeling the sheet away.
    Cleanup is not usually required with our current adhesive but we do recommend burnishing the image once applied using the backing paper and
your application tool.
    Artwork required should be produced in Adobe Illustrator or similar vector drawing program with all images rendered as 100% process black
(0c, 0m, 0y, 100k). Any fonts used need to be converted to paths or outlines.
Do not include placed bitmap images. Some word processing
programs such as Microsoft Word do not give consistent results and are to be avoided. Maximum image area should not exceed A3, ideal is either
A4 or A5. Components can be duplicated as many times as necessary with minimal space between. If necessary a separate PDF file or JPEG
indicating colours can be provided.
Direct Imaging
    Direct Imaging is a variation of the Dry Transfer process that uses a non-releasing ink applied directly to a suitable non-porous surface such as a
clear substrate or film, acrylic sheet, glass or metal and can be either right or wrong reading. This makes the process perfect for imaging on shrink-
films to conform to complex-shaped containers such as cans or some bottles that have rounded shoulders or bottoms.
Past Clients
    Through their advertising agencies, branding studios, marketing groups and model makers Visible Link has a long history of supply to a swag of
iconic local and multi-national brands. Among them: Qantas, Resmed, Ford Motors, GM-Holden, Unilever, Electrolux, Sunbeam, Warner Bros,
Castlemaine Perkins, Union Carbide, MasterFoods, McDonald’s and countless others.
    To get the full story on Visible Link’s Dry Transfer Rubdowns and Direct Imaging drop us a note at studio@visiblelink.com.au

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Dry Transfers (or rubdowns) are used by model makers, packaging designers, graphic designers, marketing
departments and in the production of a variety of props and sets for photography, video and film.
Direct Imaging is a variation of the Rubdown Dry Transfer process that enables single-colour or multi-colour
images to be ‘printed’ directly onto a suitable non-porous substrate as a one-off or low volumes.
dry transfer rubdowns and direct imaging
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