Visible Link provides a host of visual services and expertise aimed at meeting the needs of a wide variety of professional, business and creative
   Services such as design for press, print and Web, colour copying and output from disk files, wide format inkjet prints, laminating, mounting,
typesetting and photography. Other high-end services include typeface design and font customising for Macintosh and Windows,
creative typography, effective
logo design and pre-press services. Our fonts feature throughout the major worldwide distributors such as
MyFonts.com, ITC, Fonts.com, Paratype and Fontspring.
   We write copy, manipulate images and create effective websites, email advertisements, forms and other electronic media. Finished ads are
expedited with the aid of our Quickcut
ad delivery connection.
   For the designer or model maker Visible Link produces colour-accurate Dry Transfer Imaging (or Rubdowns) from digital files. Colours are
matched to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as well as a wide selection of fluoros, metallics and foils. Images can also be applied directly to a
whole range of non-porous substrates such as glass, metal, sealed timber, shrink-film etc.
   In addition to our visual services Visible Link offers a variety of exhibition and display devices complemented by design and a choice of imaging
Visible Link is a division of Type Associates Pty Limited
ABN 59 059 932 384

This Website was designed, written and produced by Visible Link using fonts
from its Type Associates Collection.

Last updated November 17, 2013
Welcome to Visible Link, the one-stop resource for:
• design, page makeup, image manipulating, website design
• pre-press services, digital ad delivery
• Powerpoint presentations
• dry transfer rubdowns and direct imaging
• typeface design and font editing
• creative typography
• effective email advertising and other electronic media
• wide format inkjet printing
• wide format mounting and laminating
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